Best Offer Group


"The Make Your Own Best Offer" Group on Facebook.

All summer I have been experimenting with this format in response to the large number of people who have said that they would like to purchase some of my art, how ever due to the current economy of our times they really have to choose between medical care, house hold and pet emergencies and buying art. It has been awesome.

I usually up load a group of originals and prints numbering  10 to 16 items in a collection. Each collection runs from 3 to 4 days so we have at least 2 collections in a week.  Collections generally begin on Monday to end on Wednesday and Begin on Wednesday to End Saturday. Generally they begin and end time is 5pm EDT  or EST depending on the season of the year.

In addition there will be special items listed for full value that you can make offers on for  anything above half the listed price on a first come first served basis unless other wise stated on the item.

Most of the items are small format with the largest being 9 by 12 inches and the smallest being 2.5 by 3.5 inches and all are created by Artist Linda Martin. A mixture of watercolors, sometimes oils, graphite, Color drawings and in house signed prints will be offered in each collection. If your offer is accepted you are responsible to pay the Shipping and Handling listed on the item. If you have more than one item is accepted you will have a combined shipping discount stated on the item. Item payments must clear with in 5 days of the collection end times or forfeit the item to the next highest offer. You can make offers on as many items in a collection you wish.

There are two ways to join the group.
1. If you are already a friend on Facebook I can add you
2. You can request to join the group directly. 

The Group Address is:

Come on over and join the fun!
This is an awesome way to buy art that fits your budget.

 To qualify to make offers you must join the group.

Payment for winning offers can be made through Paypal. 

Each time an item you made an offer on is accepted, the payment must be paid within 5 days of the item closing.  If your offer is accepted and you do not make the payment closing your item will be forfeit and the next bidder will have a chance.  Your items will be shipped within 5 to 7 days of your payment clearing paypal. (if you do not have paypal let me know ASAP to make other payment arrangements) Since a lot of us have had some really terrible storms that have kept us off line in the summer, let me know if you have a problem paying on time and I can extend the deadline in special cases.

Just a warning: people who habitually make offers and do not pay will be bounced from the group without warning. People who do not pay and do not respond to emails in a timely fashion will be banned from the group.

If you have questions or have problems joining the group, please message me on facebook or email me at