Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Changing my Pallet

12 by 15 inches
Acrylic on Epson WC paper
Linda L Martin © 2016
Please feel free to share.
However, please do not copy or download. Thank you.
Changing My Pallet

I tend to be very bold in my use of colors and more primary. Lots of Bright greens, blues, reds, yellows, browns... earthy greens  but I am currently working on changing that. Mostly to give me a fresh look at my work but also because people seem to like the colors better. The first results of the experiment are actually surprisingly nice.

The first thing I did was limit myself to 4 colors  Aqua(turquoise), Cad Orange, Burnt Umber, and Violet plus white.There are a lot of colors that can result. It really surprised me. And was a challenge for my sensibilities.

I actually started out painting with the turquoise color and was working on white horses. Then I moved to landscapes. The experiment became more practical because I knew that the pallet of colors I usually worked with would not suffice for the project I have coming up in which I would have to paint some of the features of my town for an event that is happening this fall.

Earthy I understand, bold I understand, but frankly after all these years of painting I was becoming a bit bored. And with boredom come mediocrity.  An artist tends to die a little in their work when they do not experiment. Experimentation brings new life. The Adventure begins to show up in their. work.

"Out Buildings"
6.5 by 9.5 inches
Acrylic on Epson WC Paper
Linda L Martin © 2016
Please feel free to share.
However, please do not copy or download. Thank you.

Truth is that in a way I was returning to my roots. The roots of drawing from my mind and using my imagination are how I worked years ago.. the comfort of returning to that fantasy world gave me the comfort zone to play with the color.  And then I discovered I could make green and red with out making green and red.

I do not know where this experimentation  will lead but that is part of the fun of the adventure.

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