Friday, February 13, 2015

Heart warming: The Thought of Belonging

Heart warming: "The Thought of Belonging" my interpretation.
"The Thought of Belonging"
Graphite on Paper
8  by 10 inches
by Linda L Martin
photo reference Juliet Harrison

A pARTy is when a number of artists throughout the world  use a single photo  to create a unique work of art in their style and using their creativity.  I first heard of such a thing from Artist Kimberly Kelly Santini (2015 Kentucky Derby Artist) and Linda Shantz , a Famous Canadian Equine Artist.  Both women I know through facebook , however, I knew of their art long before connecting there.

Participating in the pARTy is a lot of fun and gives artist’s a chance to connect with each other through social media,  as well as show case their skills. When I participate, I tend to use it for experimental pieces or concepts.  While we paint or are inspired by the same photo,  we are free to sell our completed work  but agree not to enter the resulting work in artistic competition.  The photo this year was  provided by Juliet Harrison, a Fine Art Photographer and Gallery owner in New York.  Juliet is  a cancer survivor and her dog Zevon , who was the subject of the photograph, was a rescue dog with a very troubled past. Both are incredibly inspiring individuals. 

My piece for the pARTy is :  "The Thought of Belonging"
It portrays that abstract concept  of the reality verses the hope when the dog who has suffered so much suddenly realizes, " Yes! This is my person and we will always be together."

You can view all the entries for the pARTy HERE

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