Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ancient Horses Living Inspire!

Ancient Horses Living: 
The Tarpan Horses in North America

Dixie Meadows Stallion Playing
Reference Photo Dixie Meadows Farm
8 by 10 inches Watercolor
by Linda L Martin

I have been researching the Heck Tarpan horses since I first saw them in person in 2010. They have personality plus. Just recently a friend has decided to sell a few of them, so I have been helping her to advertise a few of them. In the course of helping her sort out the emails of interest I have discovered people who still have the horses and are as in love with them as I am.

Tarpan Stallion in Spring
11 by 14inches Watercolor
by Linda L Martin
Of course being an artist means I have to do a few paintings,and thus I have. Some of them are already spoken for but I  have a few that I will be sharing for sale on Etsy. And the best, like the best work of my choosing, will go on Fine Art America.  Please enjoy the images here.

Tarpan Stallion Study

If you have never heard of the Heck Horses also known as Heck Tarpan or Tarpan please feel free to take a look at the Heck Horses in America blog.  It has some of the history too.

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