Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Portrait of a Dog as it Happens: Day 3

  Pippin :

Planning the Highlights and the Shadows Day 3

Every time you work in this type of watercolor you not only have to think out the painting in  advance you have to  think three steps ahead of yourself as well.  I love that when you have control of the paint you can actually paint in layers. The next few sessions of this painting will be slowly applying layers of washes then letting them dry.  If the paint is not too thickly applied, you can put many layers on top of the others.  The warning, though, is  that if you  don't let them dry, then the last layer you add may lift the paint off the paper and leave you with a lighter, rather than a darker area than you intended.   This painting will be an 8 by 10 watercolor head portrait of a JRT/Poodle Cross.

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