Saturday, January 10, 2015

Adorable Full Body Toy Poodle Portrait! You have to see how cute it is!

Capturing the Stages of Poodle Hair
 in this Wonderful Portrait by Linda L Martin
8 by 10
Full Body Portrait
Available on LindaLMartinArtist's
Every Day Art Store

One thing that I have learned in all of my years owning and fostering poodles is that they have beauty stages.

Stage one is always right after the groomers when they are finely clipped and smell so sweet. Stage two is that second stage where  their hair is getting longish but doesn't become a problem. Stage three is that moment when you don't know whether to use hair clips or rubber bands to keep the hair from their faces and some times use a touch up trim to help manage their eye sight.

Stage 4 is when  they have gone beyond touch ups and rubber bands and just flat out need a real day at the groomers getting their trims, baths and prims. This adorable full body portrait is in that stage between "we can manage with a touch up trim" and "we need to get him to the groomers now!"

Too cute for words is this cuddly little love bug. The moment that tips the scale is when he goes flying out the door  and finds the yard rabbit poo to roll in. Then procrastination on a bath is no longer viable. Then its back to stage one when the sweet little trim and perfumed soaps win a place cuddling in bed until the next time.

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