Saturday, January 10, 2015

Grand Opening! The ACEO Store on Etsy!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of  The ACEO Store!
Every once in a while I wake up and discover that I have a lot of art and I need to organize it better so people can really see it.  One of the moves in that direction is to create a ship on etsy that deals in miniature art but mostly art in the ACEO format.

The ACEO format is actually  miniature paintings that  are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches in size and will fit into a standard baseball collector sleeve. I admit that sometimes I cut mine by hand and they are slightly off a fraction , however that just makes them all the more interesting.  And yes they do fit into the small format and yes they are highly collectible art.

In addition to selling mostly original ACEOs in this store, I will also be selling other smaller miniature works of art and maybe some surprising extra things, yet to be announced in the future regarding miniature art.

Come on over and enjoy the Shop. Follow it so you can see new listings as I put them up. And of course don't forget to favorite my shop so you can share what you see with your friends.

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