Friday, January 2, 2015

My Shocking Reasons For Making Art by Linda L Martin

No one woke up at art school and decided " I am going to make art to sell so I can make more art". 
   Yet, sometimes for some of us that is how it is. Unless of course you find a very wealthy patron who loves you for your art and just wants the art for its intrinsic sake or potential value; or you are one of the lucky ones who have a successful husband who likes to keep you occupied so he can play golf with his buddies.

"Watch Dog"
Original Watercolor
5x7 inches
Purchase at  Linda L Martin's Every Day Art

For the rest of us we are sometimes forced to make "Bread and Butter items" so we can engage in creative endeavors that put the passion of our hearts into the art and gives it voice for all generations. Some of us have a day job that allows us to spend all of our other waking hours making art. Some of us are not funded at all and we just collect junk and make art from it because it is free. The point is we have something in our DNA that drives us to make art. We cannot help it.

There are three things that impressed me about Andy Worhal.
1. He had Alzheimer's and it never affected his ability to make art even up until he died
2. He had warehouses of art at the time of his death,  that were worth billions.
3. His philosophy was "Make Art. And when you are finished, Make More Art."

So what is my philosophy of Art... simple:
"Paint a story that blesses people and when I am finished paint more stories!" I really do want my art to bless people.

In the end its all about how much creativity you can be inspired to use continually, until only the art  and it's meaning remains long after you are gone.

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