Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Inspiration behind the cute Ponies, Astonishingly Fun!

 The Astonishingly Fun Story behind the Valentine's Ponies!

 I have started on some very fun warm up miniature and small format paintings preparing to start my first mustang painting of 2015. Today I worked on cats, doves and ponies for Valentines Day. 
Taffy Valentine's Day Pony (detail)
ACEO sized 2.5 by 3.5 inches
Available at  The ACEO Store on Etsy

The ponies were inspired by a friend's Dartmoor pony back when we rode together in the mountains above Huntley, Virginia in the
early 1980s. Of course we rode horses but this pony was most memorable.

Her name was Star and if you thought that this little 9 hand pony was a follower you would be wrong. She was the leader and a mischievous one at that.

If you weren't there on time to feed it was likely that Star would jump the stone wall, bringing every horse on the place with her and go for a  gallop to the nearby hay farm to ravage their fields.

She was a bit of a thief, especially for ball caps and brushes that were left out instead of put away. And Star loved to worry the older horses, who seemed to good naturedly tolerant her admonitions, but also never refused to follow when she commanded or obey when she demanded.
Black Valentine's Day Pony
ACEO sized 2.5 by 3.5 inches
Available at  The ACEO Store on Etsy

One thing I remember about Star was that she loved her children. Star was especially  tolerant when a tea party was eminent and never failed to accept the wearing of the bonnet for a cookie and a cup of koolaid tea.

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